Manchester City fans have been discussing how Arsenal could beat them on Sunday.

I mean, Arsenal fans aren’t even really discussing that, but let’s go with it…

The two sides meet in the Premier League on Sunday with City being the favourites to win the game.

Although the form guide suggests Arsenal are doing well, City’s level of performance has been much higher this season.

It’s those performances that have helped them go unbeaten so far this season.

On top of that, Arsenal’s away record against their rivals is notoriously bad. They have a tendency to not just lose, but to be completely humiliated in the process.

So, the Arsenal supporters are understandably a little pessimistic going into the game.

One supporter took to asking City fans directly what they think Arsenal need to do to beat them.

One user of the r/MCFC Reddit board suggested a tactical plan Arsenal could follow.

“I’d say it revolves around one question: Do you think you can come to the Etihad and keep the ball? The answer is most likely no so you’ll have to rely on pressing, intercepting, and counterattacking,” they said.

“A couple engines in the midfield is the only way to keep up with the movement the whole match, along with a very strong mentality because it is bound to be a long game for those mids.

“Your best bet when attacking is to get those interceptions high up he pitch, hoping to catch Walker/Delph behind the play and get your forwards into 1v1 situations with our CBs. Stones is a black hole so far so you’re gonna want to avoid him.”

Another user gave a more general response and said we should just rely on luck.

“Is it possible? Of course it is. Listen, football is still football, and no matter how good City is (and we are really quite good) any team can beat any other if things fall right,” they said.

Whatever Arsenal do, it’s going to take a combination of smart tactics and luck to get a positive result on Sunday.

It’s within Arsenal’s capability to do so. The 0-0 draw at Stamford Bridge shows a willingness to commit to a defensive plan.

On the other hand, City are a very different beast. They have a lot more flair and creativity, and will starve Arsenal of the ball.

It’s going to be a difficult game, but all unbeaten runs have to come to an end at some point.

Arsenal being the team to end it would be very appropriate.