Arsenal are through to the Conti Cup quarter-finals following their 6-0 away win at Watford alongside Reading in Group One South.

There are still five spots up for grabs in the other groups.

Group One North

Liverpool and Sunderland are through with eight and seven points. The two FA WSL 1 sides qualifying is no surprise against three FA WSL 2 teams. Although it was a surprise that those two teams needed three penalty shootouts altogether to beat the FA WSL 2 sides.

Group Two North

Everton Ladies are top of the table with nine points and have played all their games. All three FA WSL 1 sides competing for the top two places with the FA WSL 2 teams are already out.

Manchester City have six points in two games and are favourites to go through. Birmingham have six points in three games and need to win their remaining game to finish level.

Remaining games:

Manchester City v Birmingham City, Doncaster Rover v Manchester City

Everton will make the top two unless Birmingham manage to win away to Man City by three goals or more, that is an unlikely event.

Group One South

Arsenal and Reading are through and both have nine points; Reading can win the group by getting a point for their final game at Milwall.

Group Two South

This is an unusual group where the hierarchy is not being respected at all, as the bottom two teams are both FA WSL 1 sides, Bristol and Yeovil, while the two FA WSL 2 sides are in second and third place and on course for qualification.

Chelsea are favourites with six points in two games. Brighton have six points and a +2 goal difference, Tottenham have six points and a zero goal difference, Bristol have three points and a -1 goal difference.

Remaining games:

Bristol v Brighton, Chelsea v Yeovil, Chelsea v Tottenham

Bristol need to beat Brighton by at least two goals to finish above their opponent. Then hope that Chelsea or Tottenham will also finish the group stage with six points. Chelsea are unlikely to finish with six points, so Bristol will hope for Chelsea to beat Tottenham.

To recap, the teams currently through to the quarter-finals are Arsenal, Reading, Liverpool and Sunderland and the four remaining places are likely to go to City, Everton, Chelsea and whoever makes it in Group Two South that is very open.