The motivation and rewards system is a rather new approach to regulating your body weight.

Although it doesn’t work as straightforwardly as BonusCodeUK offers, it is still rather comprehensive and effective. The system is mainly implemented by people who wish to lose weight, but below-average measurements are just as alarming and can be properly addressed using this tactics. All you are required to do is set up a healthy eating and exercising routine, keep records of it all and determine how to treat yourself for being so focused. Just remember, it isn’t worth the trouble if your prize ends up being something counterproductive for the whole system.

In an attempt to make it easier on people wishing to lose weight through this system, following is a list of weight loss-friendly foods. They are not necessarily low-fat or low-carb, so do not be fooled by those convincing you to live on fruit, vegetables and water. Go through the list to identify your favorite ingredients and get the dishes and the body that you like.

Boiled Potatoes

Eating healthy is more about regulating your food portions than it is about completely cutting some foods out of your daily menu. One of the greatest mistakes people on this system make is avoiding potatoes. This is a common misconception that has been promoted by certain diets which aim to guide you towards fast and short-term results instead of a sustainable way to continue looking and feeling healthy. Being rich in potassium and at the same time greatly fulfilling, boiled potatoes take the oil out of the equation and give you an excellent pre-exercise dish.


This fish has multiple health benefits for its consumers, mainly due to the good fats and proteins in it. People consuming salmon are less likely to have issues with the thyroid gland that actually has an influential role in the person’s weight. Plus, this is another dish that is fulfilling all in itself and would not require you to cook too long before or after your workout routine.


Just like the salmon, tuna fish is another good option for eating healthy and weight loss-friendly foods. Aside from its evident omega 3 fats, characteristic of fish in general, tuna is recognized for being extremely low in harmful fats. This has caused it to be a frequent item on the menus of fashion models and athletes, although anyone is well advised to use all the benefits of this meat.

Leafy & Cruciferous Vegetables

There is hardly any particular fruit or vegetable that have a damaging effect to people’s health, aside for some that tend to affect particular systems in the organism. But, when it comes to maintaining some form of food regime, leafy green vegetables are the way to go. Kale, spinach and collards are the top picks among the dieters, and lack of arguments against their consumption only further proves their benefits to outside appearance and proper organ function.

Cruciferous vegetables are broccoli, cauliflower, brussels sprouts and cabbage. They are a natural source of protein, although in slightly lower amounts than animal meat or legumes. Still, under the circumstances of a motivation and reward system, cruciferous veggies can help you reach your daily goal and reward yourself with the weekend trip you’ve been meaning to take.

Apple Cider Vinegar

Vinegar is only an ingredient, a condiment in the assortment of food groups, but its effects are vastly beneficial, which is why it found its own spot on our list. It helps regulate the person’s blood sugar and fats, as well as boost the fulfilling feeling after a meal. In some research, the apple cider vinegar has even influence the weight loss process, but only after extensive use.


As mentioned earlier, there is hardly anything wrong with fruit and vegetables that people can complain about. Fruit is the best source of natural sugars, so that you get the amount of sweets you want without the extra intake of calories. Bananas are a good option to keep you satiated for a longer time, while berries may not have high nutrient value, but do wonders for your figure.

Whole Grains

The previous items cover proteins, fructose and green fibers in many forms, but only a single instance of starch. Despite the bad name grains have gained in recent years, some are still considered rather healthy and recommendable for regular use as part of your diet. Brown rice and quinoa seeds are definitely among the most popular – for one, due to their low-fat composition rich in fiber and protein, and secondly, for their excellent taste. These don’t require too much cooking, and can be combined with practically anything (if that’s part of your meal plan), making them a practical, healthy and weight-reducing solution all at once.