Héctor Bellerín fired a shot at Watford’s Troy Deeney, after Arsenal rallied late to beat Burnley at Turf Moor.

The Gunners had to keep fighting right until the very end to win the match, and this reminded Bellerin of Deeney’s comments in October.

At the time, Arsenal had just lost to Watford late on, and Deeney went on live TV afterwards and said: “There’s a reason why [Arsenal] lost and it wasn’t because of one penalty. I’ll have to watch what I say. It’s (having) a bit of cojones, a bit of nuts.”

Bellerín clearly believes that winning with a goal in the 92nd minute is the perfect example of ‘cojones’, and took to social media to say as much:

Of course, it didn’t take long for Arsenal fans to pick up on the reference the Spanish right-back was making, and to let Deeney know:


Supporters have had to listen to a lot of talk in the last few months about how the Gunners don’t have any fight, can’t win away from home, and can’t beat the big-six sides.

This week has led to more than a few smug moments from the players and fans, with Arsenal beating Tottenham easily and then fighting to victory away to Burnley. Watford have since suffered a 4-2 loss to Manchester United, their fourth league defeat in six.

Arsenal’s victories won’t matter much if the team fall apart against Huddersfield tonight and Manchester United on the weekend, but it’s good to see some belief starting to form in the team.