Gary Neville feels the Premier League title will end up in Manchester this season, ruling London trio Chelsea, Arsenal and Tottenham out in the process.

The pundit believes that his former side Manchester United are the only ones capable of challenging Manchester City for the title, as the other contenders have failed to impress.

“At this moment in time, it is United who are closest to Man City but I don’t think Liverpool, Tottenham, Arsenal or Chelsea are right this season,” Neville said on the Sky Sports Podcast.

“Man Utd are certainly the most capable, I think, to mount a challenge to Man City but it’s about getting close enough to them. At the moment, Man City’s performances are really good, it’s a high level.

“But you have to retain hope if you’re Man Utd and think that something could happen in a couple of weeks’ time in that Manchester derby that could start a run of results that will put doubt in Man City’s mind, that’s the only way United can be thinking.

“They certainly have to beat Man City themselves. One thing you can’t do it ask other teams to take points from them when you can’t go and do it yourself so United have that chance in a few weeks. United should not be further away by the time that game comes around in two weeks.”

If eight points is close, then maybe everyone else’s chances aren’t too remote, either. With such a long way to go in the season, it’s not impossible for City to drop enough points to open up the title race.

As it is, Pep Guardiola’s team are brushing aside everyone they face, from so-called title rivals to mid-table teams parking the bus.

Arsenal’s title prospects have been bleak before the season even started. Absolutely nobody backed Arsenal make any sort of challenge and, so far, they’re being proven right.

The Gunners are 12 points behind City currently. There would have to be a very dramatic turnaround in form for that gap to be closed. Fortunately, we’re not the only side who are struggling to keep up.

Tottenham, Chelsea and Liverpool have also had their struggles this season, while Manchester United aren’t much better. So while City could win the title with ease, the other spots in the top-four are very much up for grabs.