Four Arsenal players made the Daily Mail’s list of the top-100 worst Premier League strikers.

We’re going to take you through all the Gunners’ strikers to feature.

Surprisingly, there were no Arsenal men in the bottom 50 players, but once we broke into the top 50 things started to get going:

1. 49. Park Chu-Young

Beginning with the Mail‘s article on numbers 60-41, we have Park Chu-Young. It’s actually probably a bit harsh to include Park on this list, since he was never really a Premier League player to begin with. The South Korean only played 7 minutes of league football, and bizarrely, they were against Manchester United, in a 2-1 loss.

The now 32-year-old fared slightly better in the other competitions with the Gunners, scoring one in six league matches, but overall it was a transfer to forget for Arsène Wenger.

2. 42. Marouane Chamakh

In contrast to Park Chu-Young, Chamakh had plenty of league chances to prove himself, he just never really managed to do so. In 40 Premier League appearances for the Gunners he managed eight goals, and in 63 league games for West Ham and Crystal Palace he scored seven.

15 league goals in over 100 league games is nothing to write home about, and coming off the back of two double-figure goal scoring seasons with Bordeaux, Arsène would’ve hoped for at least one in Arsenal colours.

3. 34. Jeremie Aliadiere

For Arsenal, Aliadiere never got going in the league, so it’s no surprise to see him included. He scored once early on in his career in a 5-2 win over West Brom in 2002. Other than that, he played 28 more games in six years and didn’t score in any of them. After a couple of loan spells, Jeremie eventually left for Middlesbrough.

He did slightly better there, scoring against Manchester United, Arsenal and Manchester City in his first year, but even then he only managed five goals in a 29 game season.

4. 18. Yaya Sanogo

The top spot for Arsenal entrants on the list is reserved for none other than poor Yaya Sanogo. Sanogo was cursed with injury problems during his spell in North London, and only managed 11 league appearances, never once scoring.

He also saw 10 league games on loan to Crystal Palace pass without hitting the back of the net, and eventually left for France this summer.

I maintain that we never would’ve won the 2013/14 FA Cup without Yaya’s contributions, so I refuse to speak ill of him, but unfortunately his record speaks for itself.

That’s all for the lucky Arsenal few selected. Let us know who you would add to the list!