With another bid for control of Arsenal reportedly being rejected this week, we’re taking a look at the current situation the club are in.

Stan Kroenke was rumoured to have bid £525m for Alisher Usmanov’s shares in the club, which would have given him 97% control of the club, enough to force the remaining 3% to sell. However, Usmanov released a statement to say he’s not in any sale talks, seemingly putting an end to the rumours for now.

So what else do we know?


Who owns Arsenal?

At this point, mostly just Stan Kroenke, with a 67.05 per cent stake, and Alisher Usmanov, with 30.04 per cent.

The remaining 2.91 per cent, 1,803 shares in total, are owned by a number of minor shareholders.

If either Kroenke or Usmanov bought out the other, they would be able to assume full control of the club.

Both clearly have the financial capacity to do so, as they are each valued at well over the £2bn valuation of the club, but right now they don’t seem willing to sell.

The Standard quotes Kroenke Sports and Entertainment as saying Kroenke is “a committed long term investor in Arsenal and will remain so”, in May.

Meanwhile Usmanov’s statement says “my interest in Arsenal from the beginning was long term…I am not holding any talks with Mr Kroenke about a sale”.

So right now, it seems like neither is willing to move on.

Next, why can’t they work together?