Mesut Özil has posted a couple of Instagram updates showing all the hard work he’s putting into his recovery, after being accused of testing Arsène Wenger by Martin Keown.

For some bizarre reason, Martin Keown started up a conspiracy theory about an injury he admits to having no inside knowledge about. Keown said (via Daily Mail): “I think it was Belarus the other week, he (Özil) didn’t fancy going. He didn’t want to go. 

“Suddenly he was injured again, he played nine minutes against West Bromwich Albion on the Monday, so how did he get injured there?”

The theory here is that Mesut pretended to be injured to get out of a trip to Belarus, then he pretended to be injured to get out of Brighton at home, I suppose to make the Belarus injury more realistic? Then he also sat out two Germany matches to really pile on the evidence of his ‘fake’ injury.

Now Özil’s taking it a step too far, as he seems to be actually going into the Arsenal training centre and pretending to work on his recovery from an injury he doesn’t have.

Crazy, I know.

It’s almost as if Özil had an actual injury that really did keep him out of a couple of games. But obviously Martin’s theory that Mesut is running a PR campaign to get him out of a first-class flight to Europe is more likely. Right?

Oh, and as for Mesut Ozil ‘downing tools’ …