After talkSPORT compiled a list of the number of shots each team concede before letting a goal in, we’re taking a look at where Arsenal feature in the list, and why that might be.

Five games into the season, Arsenal have already conceded quite a few goals, but the question is whether that comes from a similarly large number of shots or not.

Below is the list put together by talkSPORT, in terms of number of shots faced per goal conceded:

  1. Liverpool – 4.33 shots
  2. West Ham – 6.8 shots
  3. Arsenal – 6.88 shots
  4. Crystal Palace – 7 shots
  5. Everton – 7.7 shots
  6. Watford – 8.11 shots
  7. Bournemouth – 8.89 shots
  8. Brighton – 9 shots
  9. Leicester City – 9.44 shots
  10. Chelsea – 10.8 shots
  11. Stoke City – 11.5 shots
  12. Newcastle United – 14 shots
  13. Tottenham Hotspur – 14.66 shots
  14. Southampton – 15.5 shots
  15. West Bromwich Albion – 16.5 shots
  16. Manchester City – 18 shots
  17. Huddersfield Town – 20.67 shots
  18. Swansea City – 20.8 shots
  19. Manchester United – 21 shots
  20. Burnley – 22.6 shots

Arsenal end up very high on the list, conceding a goal more often than every seven shots.

So why is this?

Firstly, it could be because Petr Čech is under-performing. However that doesn’t really seem to fit with what we’ve seen so far. Čech was probably Arsenal’s best player in the 4-0 loss to Liverpool at Anfield, and has done well in most of the other games too (bar Leicester’s opener, which I still think was his fault).

So, maybe it’s more to do with the chances the Gunners are conceding.

Most goals scored against Arsenal this season have come from the counter-attack. Jesé’s goal for Stoke, Vardy’s first for Leicester, and almost all the goals Liverpool scored bar maybe Firmino’s; Arsenal are clearly vulnerable to counter-attacking goals.

That means that the opposition doesn’t need to have loads of possession and pepper Petr Čech’s goal with shots, they just need to bide their time and they’ll get a good chance.

Of course, there is an alternative.

It could just be luck, based on the fact we’re only five games in.

Maybe Burnley really do hold teams to the toughest of chances, and have a keeper performing well above what’s expected, but after five matches it’s just as likely they’ve caught a few breaks.

We’ll have to wait and see.