Arsenal have the second-best record defending set-pieces since Jurgen Klopp became Liverpool manager in 2015.

Klopp’s Liverpool have become notorious for being vulnerable during set-pieces. Despite having an attack that can blow away the best defences, their dubious defending during corners and free-kicks have often given opposition teams a chance.

Talk Sport decided to put together a table of how many goals teams have conceded from set-piece situations (excluding penalties) since Jurgen Klopp became Liverpool manager in October 2015.

According to their numbers, Arsenal have the second-best record when it comes to defending set-pieces, having only conceded 16 goals. Chelsea and Tottenham have the joint-best record, conceding 15 each.

That certainly contradicts the conventional wisdom that Arsenal are vulnerable during set-pieces.

Whenever we concede a goal during a corner or free-kick, a commentator or pundit will always point out Arsenal’s weakness from set-pieces, despite the numbers showing the opposite to be true.

We’ve a better record than Manchester City’s (20) and even Manchester United (19), despite their team being packed with giants. It’s also better than West Brom’s (18), the so-called set-piece defensive kings of the Premier League.

Liverpool, meanwhile, have conceded 26 goals from set-pieces. Only Swansea, Crystal Palace, Stoke and Watford have worse records.