Arsene Wenger has likened Jack Wilshere’s injury troubles to a car crash.

Wilshere’s career has been hampered by numerous injuries that have kept him out for months at a time.

Coming back from so many injuries isn’t easy. Wilshere not only went through physical challenges, but mental challenges as well.

It’s the mental side of it that had Wenger comparing coming back from injuries to driving a car after a car crash.

“We are all different in front of something like that,” Wenger said, as reported by The Express.

“Some just come back like nothing happened to them, some are traumatised for their whole life.

“It is like you have a car accident; some don’t want to drive any more and some take the car and go on again. It is very different and depends on the personality of people.”

Wilshere has certainly gotten back in the car and is driving again.

The hope will always be for him to stay injury free, and Wenger feels that being a more mature player who knows his body better will help him.

“The disadvantage is of course that he was out of the game for a long time but there are advantages as well. Because he knows his body well, he has become very professional and learnt how much time it takes to get back to his best so he is more patient.”

The midfielder made his return to the Arsenal first team last Thursday when he came on as a second half substitute for Alex Iwobi.

Few thought that he’d be playing football for Arsenal again, but he now has the opportunity to prove he can stay fit and remind people of his quality.

Wilshere is expected to feature against Doncaster in the Carabao Cup in mid-week.