Chilean press have declared yesterday one of the saddest in Alexis Sanchez’s career.

It’s safe to say that Alexis had a very interesting Deadline Day.

One moment he was all set to be joining Manchester City and leaving behind the circus that is Arsenal, the next he was being told that he wasn’t leaving Arsenal after all, through no fault of his own. Looking visibly drained, he then took to the pitch in a World Cup qualifier against Paraguay, which Chile lost 3-0.

All in all, not a great day.

The Chilean press has a gone a step further. La Tercera have called it the “saddest day in the career of Alexis Sanchez”, and have outlined the events that occurred on a pretty mental day.

It was around early afternoon yesterday when reports emerged that Arsenal and City had agreed a fee for the player in principle. Those last two words can’t be stressed enough, as the deal was dependent on Arsenal finding a replacement.

This is where Alexis will be understandably frustrated. Arsenal identified Thomas Lemar but then failed to sign him due to a lack of time. With no time left, there was no one else Arsenal could sign. Hence, the deal with City broke down, and Alexis remained an Arsenal player.

It should be noted that the Chilean press have never been too enamoured with Alexis being at Arsenal. It was La Tercera who reported yesterday that the Chile players “cheered and celebrated” when Alexis announced his move to City, as if the player getting out of Arsenal was a good thing.

From their’s and Alexis’ perspective, Arsenal have messed up everything.

However, the other side of this story is City taking so long to make a bid and reach an agreement with Arsenal. They have their fair share of the blame.

As for Alexis, he’ll get his move eventually. It could be in January or in the summer.

In the meantime, it would be nice if he didn’t sulk and bring the mood down.