Arsenal’s Alex Scott says that the Mark Sampson inquiry has to be fair, as it looks to find the answers to “lots of unanswered questions”.

Scott, who recently retired from international duty with England, was speaking to BBC Sport about the current situation, with the PFA chief Gordon Taylor calling for a new investigation into Sampson after new evidence has emerged to do with the racism claims.

According to the Guardian, Drew Spence has spoken to the FA, giving a written statement alleging that she was asked by Sampson how many times she had been arrested. In the original allegations from Eni Aluko, Aluko claimed that Sampson told her to make sure her Nigerian relatives didn’t bring the Ebola virus to an England game.

Sampson, who denies all allegations, was cleared by two FA investigations, neither of which spoke to the players involved. With a new inquiry now on the verge of being undertaken, Alex Scott told the BBC: “With race, or any form of discrimination when there’s an allegation, it’s such a sensitive topic/subject, and what it can lead to sometimes, especially in a team environment is then people begin to polarise the situation.”

Scott went on to say she’d never been asked any questions as part of an investigation, and told the BBC: “I suppose that’s where everyone’s calling for the investigation to be reopened, because there has to be a fair investigation.”

A full investigation into the allegations would surely yield the most reliable result if as many members of the team as possible gave evidence of their experience.

This is clearly what Alex thinks everyone is hoping will happen now.