Tony Adams believes that Arsene Wenger should have left Arsenal in May.

Adams reckons that Wenger should have packed Arsenal in back in May after the Gunners beat Chelsea in the FA Cup final.

“Arsene should have gone in May,” Adams told the Islington Gazette‘s Layth Yousif.

“He’s such a great guy. He’s said ‘retirement is death’

“But you don’t have to retire do you? He’ll have a place at Arsenal forever – he’s the greatest Arsenal manager – and deserves respect.

“You could say if he wants another two years give him another two years – but my personal opinion is that he should have gone after beating Chelsea.

“He should have said ‘thanks very much I’ve done unbelievably for this football club’ – and they would have put a statue up and everyone would have said what a great man, ‘now move onto the board and do an ‘Alex’ [Sir Alex Ferguson] and come back when you want.

“But it’s not for him – and it’s going to end in tears.”

The boss, who suffered some of the most vocal fan unrest of his career last season, signed a two year contract extension after clinching his seventh FA Cup trophy.

While many hoped the heroic win from the Gunners would breed similar performances this term, the opposite’s happened and Arsenal are looking every bit as terrible as they did when they lost 3-0 away to Crystal Palace.

The latest 4-0 defeat away to Liverpool was particularly concerning as numerous first team players refused to even show up to what should have been a massive fixture.

Adams is particularly harsh on his former boss in his recent autobiography, Sober, in which he claims the Frenchman can’t coach and has a ‘weird’ relationship with money.

More recently, the ex-skipper said the Gunners are a mid-table team now. Although, to be fair, looking at the way they’ve been playing this season, I wouldn’t necessarily argue against that.

Should Wenger have stood down in May? Most Gooners would probably say yes. However, after the high of beating the champions to the FA Cup, he obviously felt he had more to give.

Unfortunately, this appears not to be the case.