Tony Adams has launched another scathing and completely unnecessary attack on Arsene Wenger.

Adams’ new autobiography, Sober, contains a few sections that are less than complimentary about his former manager. However, Wenger claimed to not really pay attention to the ex-skipper since, at the time, the Frenchman was more focused on the season.

Now, in an interview with the Guardian, Adams has once again had a dig at Wenger, claiming that the manager doesn’t have any friends and is weird with money.

“He’s got a weird relationship with money. He’s on £8m a year but Arsenal’s junior coaches are on £30,000,” Adams said.

“Chelsea’s coaches are on £90,000. Take £7m, Arsene, and give them a rise.

“It’s not like he’s using the money to throw parties for his friends because he hasn’t got none. He’s only got a few guys in France. I feel a bit sorry for him.”

While commenting on Wenger’s coaching ability, or lack thereof, can sound harsh, it can be understood from a footballing standpoint and Adams’s comments over Le Professeur not being able to coach his way out of a paper bag can therefore be written off as the ex-centre-back just being honest while trying to sell copies of his book.

This, however, seems a little too personal.