Former Arsenal midfielder Abou Diaby has said he plans to continue playing despite not currently having a club.

Nobody can doubt Abou Diaby’s determination to play professional football. Despite countless setbacks in his career, he’s also come back with the intention of playing. Even now, at 31 and with no club, Diaby still wants to play.

“My future? I am someone who likes to reach the end of my dreams. And then, I plan to re-establish myself, work and try to come back,” he told SFR Sport reports Tribal Football. “If it happens, all right, and if it does not, I will not have regrets.”

Diaby has recently become a free agent after being released from Marseille. He joined the French club in 2015, hoping that a fresh start might be what he needed to get past his injury problems.

Unfortunately, the injuries didn’t go away, and he only managed five games in two seasons. Before that, Diaby had nine years at Arsenal and managed 180 appearances.

He arrived as a highly promising midfielder in 2006, but had his career ruined by an ill-timed tackle from Sunderland’s Dan Smith. Since then, his talent was limited to cameo appearances.

Arsene Wenger tried to accommodate as much as he could, but even he realised it just wasn’t going to happen for Diaby at Arsenal. Signing the midfielder is an enormous risk for any club now, but here’s hoping he does get a chance somewhere and can have a good end to his career.