Chelsea are confident of signing Alexis Sanchez, according to reports.

Chelsea have apparently been waiting in the shadows, biding their time until the end of the window before making an effort to sign Alexis.

That’s according to The Daily Star, who rehashed the usual story about Alexis and just replaced the words “Manchester City” with “Chelsea and Monaco”.

Chelsea have been linked on-and-off with Alexis but have been distracted by other targets during the summer.

Monaco, meanwhile, are a new name.

While they’ve been mentioned as a possibility due to the funds they’ve raised through players sales, this is one of the first times they’ve been linked.

As far as Arsenal are concerned, the Alexis situation hasn’t changed.

Regardless of who gets linked, and regardless of Alexis’ wage demands, they do not want to sell him.

The transfer window closes next Thursday.

By this point, tabloids might as well draw a new team out of a hat to see who gets the honour of “feeling confident” about signing Alexis next.