Jose Mourinho has aimed another not-so-subtle dig at Arsenal.

Following Manchester United’s 2-0 win over Leicester on Saturday, Jose Mourinho felt the need to compare how they dealt with Jamie Vardy to Arsenal’s efforts.

Vardy scored twice in Leicester’s 4-3 defeat at the Emirates and was a threat all night, while he barely got a kick against United yesterday.

In the most obnoxious way possible, Mourinho explained why.

“Is Vardy a very dangerous player? I would say one of the most dangerous players in the Premier League,” he said, as reported by The Evening Standard.

“Was he dangerous today? No.

“Why? Because we played so well to control that.

“[Were] Leicester very dangerous against Arsenal? Yes they were.

“I watched the match three times. Were they dangerous against us? No.

“Why? Because of us.”

There you have it. “Because of us”.

To give credit where it’s due, United have started the season very well. Three wins from three, 10 goals scored and none conceded would leave any manager happy. Whatever Mourinho is doing right now is working.

Arsenal, on the other hand, can’t quite boast the same. One win from two, four goals scored and four goals conceded. We do look well behind United at the moment.

For all our failings though, a smug Mourinho is just insufferable.

His preferred method of bigging up his own team has always been putting down others, and is just one of the many reasons Arsenal fans dislike him.