Oxlade-Chamberlain should be sold, according to former Arsenal forward Charlie Nicholas.

Nicholas was speaking to Sky Sports about the Arsenal winger, and his ongoing contract negotiations. Reports have suggested that the player has been offered £180,000 a week, and whether Ox is worth that much or not, he’s apparently turned it down.

Charlie Nicholas says that this just shows that he should be shown the door, telling Sky via Daily Star: “He knocked back £180,000-a-week because he doesn’t want to be there, that’s what he’s telling you.

“’I don’t want to be here, I want to go somewhere else’.

“Well my friend, sold. That would be my method, you’re sold. Go and get a transfer, we’ll take the money.”

Nicholas went on to suggest that Oxlade-Chamberlain may be pushing for a move because the England international knows that he’s not done enough to get into the team in central-midfield, rumoured to be his preferred position.

Whilst Alex has put in one or two good performances in that position in the past, he’s also shown himself to be a big liability in the middle, giving the ball away at key points in important matches due to lack of focus.

Arsenal can’t afford to take the risk on him there, especially when players who have played that position for all of their careers, like Granit Xhaka, Aaron Ramsey and Jack Wilshere, are all still at the club.

Whilst Nicholas may be wrong about the reasons why Oxlade-Chamberlain might want to leave, it’s hard to argue that Arsenal shouldn’t consider selling.

Ox isn’t Alexis, he isn’t Özil. If he refuses to sign, and the club know they’ll miss out on a transfer fee as a result, he’s not irreplaceable.