After the Stoke defeat I wrote a post about how it was only August yet Arsenal fans had every right to be worried.

I got shouted at by some fans It was, after all, only August.

I was wrong with that post, because I was nowhere near worried enough.

Arsenal’s latest humiliation, at the hands of Liverpool once again, was nothing new.

If you were to count the times this has happened you’d need more than your fingers, and you might even run out of toes.

I could go into the match, discuss what we did wrong, but why should I? I’ve been talking about the same issues for at least six years and each season, instead of getting a little better, it gets slightly worse.

Until last season, Arsene Wenger had the saving grace of Champions League football, but he can’t rely on that this year. This was as pathetic a performance you are likely to see from any side in this Premier League season yet it was all so predictable from Arsenal, a side that is supposed to be prioritising winning the league this season.

I’ll give you a minute while you finish laughing/crying.

I love Arsene Wenger, but he has to go.

He should have went at the end of last season and there is an argument to be made that he should have even went before he signed the contract before his latest one.

The club is stale, the manager is afraid of life without football and the club are afraid of life without him. It’s a marriage of convenience between two paralysed parties, a couple who have been with each other so long they can’t imagine life with someone else, despite how miserable they are.

Arsenal nor Wenger can face the inevitable pain of a separation, so instead they remain together, chipping at each other in that pernicious way that leaves both a shadow of their former selves.

Wenger thinks he can fix Arsenal, blind to the fact that the problems are all of his own making, These are his players. They have been picked, signed, trained and coached by him and the people he chose to employ. They are the spoilt brats of a failed marriage, given everything they want without having to do any chores, playing their parents off against each other to get what they want, no matter how destructive it is.

Yes, it is only August, but this relationship has been dead for years.

It just needs someone with the guts to file for divorce and guts, as we’ve seen, is something Arsenal have lacked for the longest time.