Aaron Ramsey has split opinion over last few seasons.

Some hate him, some love him, some refuse to admit he’s actually a great player.

I have always been a fan of our Welsh Messi.

He didn’t have an easy career path, as we all know very well, and who knows if he would even still be here if he hadn’t been injured at Mordor. In saying that, I believe he still hasn’t lived up to his potential.

A glimpse of that potential can be seen when he performs for the Welsh national team. He’s loved and cherished there by both the team and and fans.

This is, I believe, a major difference between his performances for Arsenal and the Wales national team. Fans here just seem to wait for a chance to criticise him (well, any player, to be honest) while with the Wales NT, Ramsey and Bale are basically treated as gods. I am no expert on the Welsh national team, but that’s just the impression I get from comments I see online.

I hope this will be “the season” for Aaron – and by that I mean he’ll avoid any injuries and play whenever possible in his preferred role. We have already seen this season how much he means to this team, with his goals and performances in general.

Let’s hope we will see much more in the upcoming matches.

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