Eddie Nketiah is feeling a little unlucky at the minute having hit the post twice in as many games for Arsenal as the wider world gets a glimpse of him for the first time.

So far, Reiss Nelson has gained the majority of the plaudits aimed at the youngsters on tour, but had Eddie’s efforts been a few centimetres another way, we’d most likely be raving about this little hotshot who’s outscoring Olivier Giroud and Alexandre Lacazette.

But they weren’t, so we aren’t.

It’s probably for the best, We do have a tendency to get too carried away with some of the youngsters.

Speaking to Arsenal player after the game, Eddie reflected on his missed chances, the size of the crowds coming out to watch Arsenal and how he’s hoping these games are the first of many.

“I thought I did well when I came on [against Western Sydney Wanderers],” he told Arsenal Player. “I contributed to the team and brought something different. 

“It’s just unfortunate, it’s the second time in two games that I have hit the post but it’s nice to be in and around it, getting chances and hopefully next time it goes in.

“I have been happy with my performances here in Australia. I have been playing in positions I am not really used to and I think I have adapted well and brought something different to the game each time I have come on, and that’s all I can do really.

“It is great experience, I am loving every second of it, taking everything in and trying to show the boss what I can do. Hopefully I can get on more trips like this and be more involved in the first team.

“Performing in front of 83,000 fans is probably [more intimidating than doing an initiation song] but then again I think I like it! I enjoy it, it is something different and hopefully it is the first of many.”

So what’s he about?

As we wrote previously on the site when we profiled him in May after a 28-goal season, Nketiah is agile, deceptively quick and clinical in-front of goal – his impressive record speaks for itself. However, decision-making and effectiveness when out of possession are two areas of his game that need enhancing before he can progress to the next stage in his development.

And he’s an Arsenal fan too, as he explained to Arsenal.com in 2016. “The day Arsenal showed they were interested in me was one of the happiest days I can remember.

“It wasn’t only because I’ve always been an Arsenal fan, but two days earlier I was told that I would be released by Chelsea and not given a scholarship for this season. I was so down, but then Arsenal found out I was available, contacted my family and invited me to train.”