Paul Merson believes that Jack Wilshere doesn’t have a future at Arsenal, but claims he could be one of Arsenal’s best player this season.

  • Merson is sure Wilshere is not in Wenger’s plans this season
  • He said Arsenal have no other midfielder like Wilshere
  • He claims Wilshere would be better than what we have currently if he played this season

Wilshere spent last season on loan at Bournemouth in a move that was initially intended to help him regain full fitness, but has since potentially marked the end of his Arsenal career.

Paul Merson is amongst many Arsenal fans who believes that the midfielder doesn’t have a future at Arsenal any more. “It’s a definite that he [Wilshere] will leave,” he said. “I don’t think he was in Wenger’s plans.

“If you send someone on loan, you send them on loan for three months. If he’d have gone to Bournemouth for three months and set it alight and scored eight goals in three months, then you could call him back. But as soon as he sent him there for a year, he was never playing for Arsenal again.”

He did, however, go on to suggest it’s not because of talent that Wilshere will not longer be an Arsenal player. In fact, Merson seems to still highly rate the midfielder, and believes he would have been better than we had last season.

“He [Wenger] is saying he’s world class because he wants another £5m or so for him. But Arsenal haven’t got anybody like Jack Wilshere in their team, not one player. I think the kid’s got a lot to offer. If he played ten times for Arsenal this year, he’d be better than the players they’ve got.”

Wilshere is a very talented player who is arguably more gifted than Arsenal’s other midfielders, but there are serious doubts about his fitness and ability to perform consistently. In the end, it’s just not meant to be for Wilshere at Arsenal, and a clean break could suit everybody.