Alexandre Lacazette has joined Arsenal for a club record £46m, and it’s fair to say fans are pretty excited about it.

A fast, clinical striker, who creates chances for those around him as well and can take players on, there’s plenty for the Gunners’ fans to look forward to as the season that gets underway.

However, one thing that Arsenal are not so excited about is the fact that the club is missing out on Champions League football for the first time in well over a decade.

So whilst most tweets about Alexandre’s signing from the big accounts were being greeted with tens of happy fans in the replies, this one was not so well received:

The Mirror did a piece on the less-than-happy replies from Arsenal fans, so we’d thought we’d take a look at some of them ourselves. Starting with the classic:

Followed by an Arsenal fan keen to cut all ties to the Europa League account:

For some fans this was more than they could take:

For others that “new signing” good feeling quickly evaporated:

The rest just seemed keen to get across that we are not interested in being talked about by the account, at least until matches start – and maybe not even then:

With any luck, this is just a short break before a return to Champions League football next season. But for these fans at least, it may be a long year.