Alexis Sanchez is said to be preparing for another season at Arsenal as the club will demand £90m for him.

  • Manchester City want him and believe a deal can be done
  • Arsenal are refusing to sell, even if Alexis doesn’t want to renew his contract
  • It could take an offer of £90m or more to convince Arsenal to sell

Arsenal have insisted all summer long that Alexis is not for sale, regardless of his current contract situation. Despite that, there’s an expectation that Arsenal will eventually cave and allow Alexis to join Manchester City due to the amount of money they could lose out on by not selling.

However, according to the Independent, it would take a very large offer for Arsenal to consider selling the Chilean. The report claims that Arsenal could want as much as £90m from Manchester City. Such an amount would make even City think twice about the transfer.

As a result, Alexis is believed to be preparing for another season at Arsenal – and potentially running his contract down so he can leave for free. The Gunners believe Alexis could be convinced to renew during the season should they challenge for the title.

It’s a risky game they’re playing, but at the moment, Arsenal believe it’s more important to keep Alexis than it is to sell him to a rival.