With the Under-21 European Championships looming, should Hector Bellerin risk upsetting Arsene Wenger by playing for Spain?

The Under-21 European Championship is just around the corner with Spain’s first clash against Macedonia kicking off on 17 June.

However, while Bellerin has been called up to represent his country at the tournament, whether he goes or not is another issue.

It’s been widely reported that Arsene Wenger doesn’t want Bellerin to take part in the Euros this summer so that he can get some proper rest and have his ankle, which has been giving him problems this season, seen to.

Some are under the impression that the 22-year-old won’t go. However, there’s been no official word.

If the right-back does choose to travel to Poland this summer, he could face the rather of his club manager. Although, knowing Wenger, ‘wrath’ probably isn’t the right word. More like a displeased head-shake.