Despite coming below Arsenal in the Premier League table, Manchester United have been paid more for the 2016/17 season.

  • Chelsea received the most overall: £150.8m
  • Liverpool got highest facility fee payment (£34m)
  • Relegated teams still received over £90m

The Premier League have released a breakdown of the payments it’s handed out to its clubs for the 2016/17 season.

These are payments of broadcast and central commercial income, so while some are equal for each club, league position and facility fees tend to differ.

For example, all Premier League clubs receive the same amount of ‘equal share’ payment of £35,301,989, the same overseas TV payment (£39,090,596), and central commercial payment (£4,759,404).

However, Arsenal received £31,065,744 in merit payment and United got £29,124,135 because they finished in sixth while Arsene Wenger’s team ended up in fifth.

On the other hand, United received £32,827,014 in facility fees and the Gunners only got £29,418,765, which brought the Red Devils’ total payment to £141,103,138 – higher than Arsenal’s payment of £139,636,498 despite finishing lower.