Tony Adams believes that Arsene Wenger needs to make some serious changes the Arsenal’s squad if they’re going to win the Premier League in the next two years.

Adams has been full of unnecessary criticism while promoting his new book, Sober, recently. However, his most recent comments are pretty spot-on.

Speaking to BBC Wiltshire, the former centre-back admitted that while Wenger believes he can win the title with this squad, Adams doesn’t reckon they can. In fact, he thinks that Arsenal go for ‘number four’ players, rather than first choice players, and that needs to change if they’re going to have any hope of winning their first title in over a decade.

“Maybe he [Wenger] thinks they can win the league in the next two years or get back into the Champions League,” the ex-Arsenal skipper said.

“Looking at this squad, I don’t think they can.

“But I can understand the frustration of the fans that want a league title and want to be competitive.

“We need to start being competitive and seen as number one by number one players instead of number four players on the pecking list.”

Adams isn’t wrong.

While Arsenal’s current starting XI is good enough and performed well in the FA Cup final, their squad as a whole isn’t that inspiring and Wenger does need to clear some deadwood this summer.