Manchester City are reportedly ‘increasingly confident’ of landing Alexis Sanchez this summer, but should they be?

Rumours surrounding Alexis’s allegedly move to Manchester City have been gathering pace over the past two weeks.

While Bayern Munich were the main contenders at the beginning of the summer, the Chilean’s wage remands, which some outlets have even implied have been tactical, have priced the Bundesliga giants out of the running.

However, it’s unclear why City are reportedly so confident over signing Arsenal’s best player.

The Gunners are no longer in a position where they need the money and are therefore willing to sell players to their rivals.

story trackerAlexis still has a year left on his current deal, which Arsene Wenger has insisted he would rather he run down, and the likelihood of Arsenal actually selling their best player to City after the backlash from Robin van Persie’s move to Manchester United in 2012 is slim to none.

While City may be confident because they’ve gotten word that Alexis wants a move there, that doesn’t change anything. If Arsenal don’t want to sell to a rival, they don’t need to. It’s as simple as that.

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