Arsenal and Manchester City are considering swapping Alexis Sanchez and Sergio Aguero.

  • The deal doesn’t make much sense.
  • It’ll never happen.

The latest twist in the Alexis Sanchez to Manchester City saga is that Arsenal and Manchester City are considering a straight swap: Alexis for Aguero.

That’s according to a Daily Star exclusive, which reveals that the swap is seen as an ideal solution for both clubs.

The report claims Arsenal may be more willing to let Alexis join City if they received Aguero in return. On City’s end, Aguero hasn’t always been in favour with Pep Guardiola and he would sweeten the deal enough for Arsenal to let Alexis go.

In reality, such a “stunning” swap deal will never happen.

To begin with, neither club are interested in strengthening the other. If City can just straight-up buy Alexis from Arsenal, it makes little sense to send Aguero their way in return.

Aguero himself is still an important player at Manchester City. He scored 33 goals last season, which isn’t bad a for a player supposedly out of favour with Guardiola. City letting him go seems absurd.

For the swap to work, the players involved would need to be agreeable as well. Alexis could want to join City, but Aguero may not want to join Arsenal given he’s chasing the title and domestic cups at the Etihad.

The Star’s claim that he’d be an undisputed starter at Arsenal barely holds weight when the striker is still a regular at City, albeit having lost his place for a small period to Gabriel Jesus.

Finally and most importantly, Arsenal do not want Alexis to join Manchester City, no matter what they’re offered. They’ve made it clear they won’t do business with a club in the Premier League.