After a few good days, things got back to bad as Arsenal were humiliated against Crystal Palace.

So let’s take a look at what’s hot and what’s not in the world of Arsenal this week…

Hot          ↑   Not           ↓

1. Sead Kolašinac 

The Schalke defender looks like he will become Arsenal’s first signing of the summer after it was reported he had agreed to join on a free transfer


2. Laurent Koscielny 

In a week were we are really scraping the bottom of the barrel for anything ‘hot’, Laurent Koscielny returning to training ahead of a game against Middlesbrough is seen as a major positive. That’s where we are, folks.


3. Arsenal’s share price 

Stan Kroenke who owns Arsenal

The price for an individual Arsenal share hit yet another record high this week. On share sold for £18,250, beating the record set in March of £17,750. No wonder Stan doesn’t give a s**t about the football on the pitch.


4. Arsenal’s form & the chance of Wenger leaving

No matter what happens, nothing seems able to convince Arsene that it’s time.

5. Arsenal’s chances of finishing above Tottenham 

If Arsenal manage to win all their games between now and Tottenham, their reward will be knowing a Spurs win in the North London derby will most likely seal the Gunners’ fate to finish beneath Spurs for the first time since 1995.


6. Ivan Gazidis 

He was on the list last week and he gets to stay here this week too because of the £200m ‘war chest’ stories that he’s clearly been leaking to John Cross at the Mirror. Plus there’s talk he’s decided Wenger should go as well, again, via linked stories. Still hasn’t found the guts to speak out himself, however.