Wenger proves he knows the laws better than Mike Jones

It seems that Arsene Wenger knows FA law far better than referee Mike Jones.

  • Fuchs, as well as other Leicester players, should have seen red
  • Jones didn’t warn Alexis to stand back
  • Wenger admits Fuchs lucky to not see red after throwing ball at Alexis

During Arsenal’s 1-0 win over Leicester on Wednesday night, Alexis Sanchez was given a yellow card by Jones minutes before the final whistle for not standing far away enough from Christian Fuchs’s throw-in.

Firstly, as we’ve pointed out, Alexis wasn’t told where he was supposed to stand and, secondly, Fuchs, who was already on one yellow, threw the ball directly at the Chilean, which should have seen him sent off.

Of course, the media are concentrating on Alexis’ admittedly embarrassing theatrics after the incident, while completely ignoring Jones’ terrible calls.

At least Wenger seems to know the rules.

“I did not see where he was hit, but I saw on the first two attempts when Fuchs tries to throw the ball in, Alexis stood next to him,” he said post-match.

“I don’t think he knew he had to be further away. As well, I must say that the referee didn’t tell him. After the first attempt, the referee didn’t tell him he needs to move away so he thought he was in the right position.

“After that he got a yellow card because he didn’t respect the rule. I accept that because he was not the right distance. The referee or the linesman should have told him.

“On top of that Fuchs was lucky not to get a yellow card because he threw the ball at him on purpose.”