With reports circulating that Arsenal have offered Alexis Sanchez £300k per week, I take a look at what exactly the Chilean could buy every week.

£300k is a lot of money; more than most people could expect to earn in a lifetime. It’s more than any other player in the Premier League is paid per week, which, when you consider Arsenal’s wage structure, is shocking.

Of course, despite allowing himself a cheeky smile during his recent press conference, Arsene Wenger denies that Arsenal would completely smash their wage structure for one player.

What’s more is that although reports are still claiming that Arsenal have offered Alexis this mega-deal worth £300k per week, others say that he’s turned down a new contract because it wasn’t enough money.

Rather than speculate any further on whether Alexis is or isn’t staying at Arsenal and whether the club have or haven’t offered him this huge amount of money, I decided to take a look at what the forward could hypothetically buy every single week.

8. A very average London apartment

7. A bad-ass car

6. A gorilla

5. Shorts

4. “Double Fantasy” by John Lennon

3. Britney Spears

2. A helicopter

1. Bums on seats

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