Arsene Wenger has called himself a ‘specialist in masochism,’ and has compared being a football manager to being a priest.

With Luis Enrique announcing that he will step down as Barcelona manager at the end of the season because he is exhausted, the longest serving manager in top football is showing no signs of fatigue.

In fact, should he leave Arsenal in the summer he’s already said that he will manage elsewhere. I guess he knows he doesn’t have the luxury of time like Enrique and other younger managers.

“I am a specialist in masochism,” said Wenger when he met the press on Thursday. “You get 90 per cent aggravation and 10 per cent top satisfaction and have to give everything in your life for that.

“I always say to all the young people who want to go into this job, ‘Are you ready to sacrifice your life?’ It’s like being a priest – you’re a football priest.

“But it is also a fantastic opportunity in life to go for what is really great in human beings, to get yourself to the next level always, to improve, to invent yourself, to push your limits further and not to have an average life.

Of course, Wenger was also asked if he’d like the Barcelona job. He wouldn’t. His ‘first preference,’ he replied, has always been to remain at Arsenal.

“I have been here for 20 years and I had the opportunity to leave many times so I don’t have to convince you that my preference has always been Arsenal,” he added. “But of course I am objective and lucid enough to make the right decision for both myself and the club.”

Wenger also noted that the club could also make a decision if they wanted [cont below].

In addition, he was also asked to confirm or deny rumours that he had been offered £30m-a-year to manage in China. He informed the reporter asking the question that they were there to talk about the upcoming game against Liverpool, not him.