Arsene Wenger has been offered a salary on par with Jose Mourinho from Arsenal plus £30m-a-year from China with Real Madrid also an option according to reports in the press this morning.

While it seems like there are a lot of Wenger stories doing the rounds, the reality is they have all come from the one article in the Telegraph.

The report about Arsene’s wage offer from Arsenal certainly did. They claim that Wenger will receive a £2m-a-year rise, which is bound to infuriate many who complain he gets too much already.

As for China. Well, an ‘unnamed club’ allegedly offered him £30m a year to manage out there, twice what Pep Guardiola is currently getting as the best paid manager.

Real Madrid? Well, the Telegraph also tell us that Wenger wants them, a club who have courted him unsuccessfully in the past.

So what do we think of all this?

The payrise at Arsenal seems logical.

Most new deals come with a rise in wages (aren’t we all crying about that with Ozil and Alexis) so I don’t see why Wenger should be expected to be any different. £10m-a-year is an awful lot of money, but he’s been here an awfully long time.

That’s what happens.

Are long-term employees to be punished for their loyalty by having their wages frozen after a certain number of years?

China? Well, who knows. There’s no information on even which club wants him.

So does Wenger want to go to Spain?


Not the Telegraph who are telling us this, not the 100 other sites who have repeated the information, not even Arsenal. Wenger has told nobody what his plans are. Even if he has, you can guarantee it wasn’t someone who would go running to the press.

Of course, there are the usual conspiracy nuts who think all this is just Wenger’s camp playing games. Quite what they would get out of that is unclear.

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