The England Women’s team manager, Mark Sampson will release his squad for the Euros on 3 April.

  • Move is unprecedented
  • Squad list comes 18 weeks before tournament starts
  • Latest date to submit team is 6 July
  • Arsenal stars expected to be included

It is a puzzling choice considering the Spring Series will not have started at all and therefore selecting players won’t be made on form but really on how the manager thinks the players will fit with his idea.

Tournament regulations:

45.03 For the final tournament, the list of 23 players must be completed online at least
10 full days before the opening match. Three of these 23 players must be goalkeepers. A signed copy of this list must also be sent to the UEFA administration by the same deadline

With the opening match on 16 July, Mark Sampson has to deliver the list to UEFA on 6 July at the latest.

What are the odds that the 23 players listed in April ill all still be fit to go by July?

Although the move will secure the minds of the 23 players selected, it also means the stand-by players (there is always a stand-by list in case of injuries) will have a long three-month wait, hoping for a lucky break.

It also means the whole FA WSL 1 Spring Series will just be a fitness-topping experience for the selected players, who will try everything not to get injured.

I really struggle to see the benefits of such an early decision.