Arsene Wenger has told the matchday programme that the team needs the fans fully behind them as they try to get things back on track.

Speaking at his press conference, Wenger had his comments about Arsenal fans being more like Spurs’ ones twisted. His point was missed completely as people looked for the sensational angle.

But he was right with what he actually said (not what the headline, claiming to represent what he said, said). While fans have every right to voice their frustration, doing it when the players are on the pitch is unlikely to yield positive results. Would you go to your child’s play and shout at them while they are on stage, or would you have a word after?

“I believe that we have a united team who respond well to difficult results,” Wenger wrote in his programme notes.

“We have done that recently and that’s what it will be about today.

“You don’t become a different player after two defeats.

“The players and myself are responsible for the performance on the pitch and the best way to respond to disappointed people is to produce a performance that people expect from us.

“On the other hand, we have not to forget that we are in a fight on all fronts: in the Premier League, in the Champions League, in the FA Cup.

“We are conscious, the players are conscious that we missed two results and we want to bounce back with full power.

“This is a decisive moment of the season and it is important that the fans are behind the team or we’ll have more problems. That is very important.”