Liverpool have finally taken a huge step to deal with the lies printed in tabloids by banning the Sun from all club premises.

The publication will now no longer be able to attend press conferences, training sessions at Melwood, or even send reporters to watch matches at Anfield.

The decision comes after talks with Total Eclipse of The S*n and kicks in with immediate effect according to a report in the Liverpool Echo.

Why are we reporting this?

Well, we think it’s a very important issue. We hear a lot about fake news these days, with social media accounts receiving much of the ire of politicians. But certain ‘newspapers’ have made lying to the public an art form for decades.

Just today there is a host of articles doing the rounds about how Arsene Wenger said he wants Arsenal fans to be like Spurs fans, when that isn’t what he said at all. Earlier this week, they twisted Laurent Koscielny’s comments to make it look like he had attacked Arsene Wenger’s team selection when he’d said nothing of the sort.

These examples are nothing compared to what the Sun did to Liverpool, its fans, and the relatives of those who tragically lost their lives at Hillsbrough.

Hillsborough disaster Sun

I can only hope more clubs follow their lead.

Well done, Liverpool!