Mark Clattenburg will be in charge of Arsenal’s game against Hull so what can both sides expect from the star ref?

Clattenburg has taken charge of 18 games this season in the Premier League, issuing 33 cards to the home side and 30 to the visitors.

He’s flashed the majority of his cards between the 31st and 60th minute and 76th – 90th with 50 of his 63 cards coming during these time periods. Players are more likely to get a card in the final 15 minutes of the game than at any other time, this time slot accounting for 23 yellows.

Expect him to book at least one Arsenal player in the 15 minutes after halftime and at least one Hull player in the final 15. A full third of his yellows for the home side have fallen during this period and a whopping 50% for the visitors have been delivered in the last 15 of the game. Thankfully, Hull sit 17th when it comes to the most fouly side this season and this shouldn’t cause too many problems such as rotational fouling that’s ignored by the ref.

This will be his fourth Arsenal game of the season. Previously, he was in charge of our trip to Leicester (2-1 win, two yellows to Arsenal, one to Leicester), our defeat by Tottenham (one yellow to Arsenal, two to Spurs), and our defeat at Everton (two yellows to Everton, one to Arsenal).

Clatts has only taken charge of one Hull game this season – their 0-0 with West Brom in which no cards were issued at all.

When it comes to bad refs, Clattenburg isn’t one of them. Yes, he makes mistakes, and sometimes they’re whoppers, but generally he’s self-aware enough to not be an arse.

Arsenal’s record this season under his watch is not great – two defeats and only one win – but that’s not on him.