With another loss away to Chelsea in the Premier League last Saturday, questions regarding Arsene Wenger’s future at Arsenal have once again been raised.

Following the loss, Wenger said that it was difficult to watch.

“That defeat against Watford had bigger consequences, maybe, than expected,” Wenger said.

“We didn’t create enough. In the final third we didn’t look dangerous enough.

“That was difficult to watch from upstairs.

“I’m not subdued. I’m disappointed and angry because we lost a very big game.

“The title has slipped further out of our hands and there’s no hiding that.”

When asked about his future at Arsenal ahead of the Hull City clash, the boss was typically cagey, refusing to give away anything.

Once again, thank you for caring about my future, but that’s not the most important thing,” he said. “My future is in front of me every time I make a half-turn. What is important for me is that Arsenal Football Club does well, and I dedicate my whole energy to the club doing well.”

Former Gunner, Ian Wright, however, believes that the Frenchman is coming to the end of his Arsenal career after speaking with him.

“I was with the boss last night and if I’m going to be totally honest, I get the impression, I think ‘that’s it!’

“I genuinely believe, I was with him for a few hours last night and we’re talking. Obviously he didn’t say to me ‘I’m leaving at the end of the season’.”

“You do, you just get the impression even looking at him ‘that’s it’.

“He actually mentioned last night that he’s coming to the end. I’ve never heard him say that.”

Wenger denied he said or implied anything of the sort, of course.

Elsewhere, Laurent Koscielny’s post-Chelsea quotes were twisted in translation. The English media reported that he’d slated Wenger’s team selection when really he’d said:

“It will be hard (to get the title) now, mathematically it is still possible, but we know it will be very difficult.

“We need to come back to [our basics], our quality of play, our pass and move game.

“I think we tried to play [individually], one player after another rather and I think we should have played more as a team with a lot more movements.”

Meanwhile, Jack Wilshere admitted that he doesn’t know what he’s going to do at the end of the season but he’ll think about it while on holiday.

“Of course, with social media these days you read all sorts,” he said.

“I’m just concentrating on playing my best for Bournemouth, keeping my form, keeping my fitness.

“At the end of the season when we see what we’ve done here with Bournemouth and I’ve had a couple of weeks off and I’m sat on holiday I’ll have a think about it.”

Eddie Howe is keen for the midfielder to stay but admitted that no approach has been made by Bournemouth over a permanent deal.

“We’d love Jack Wilshere to stay but there’s been no discussion with Arsenal,” Howe said.

“We are treating it as a loan for this season, as ever.”

Oh. And Wenger reportedly said we should be more like Spurs fans, when all he was saying is that we should continue to get behind our team.

“Of course, our fans have been consistent and have a high level of expectation, as I have as well,” he said. “But I don’t feel it is absolutely clear.

“You cannot be a fan until last Tuesday and not be a fan anymore and not be behind the team this Saturday. It doesn’t make sense.

“All the other clubs, everywhere we fight with – Man United, Man City, Liverpool… they have big expectations as well and big histories.

“We are in a fight there, we absolutely have to be united or we have no chance to do it.

“You have Tottenham, everyone is in the fight and everyone is behind their team. We have to do exactly the same, even if we had two disappointing results.”