According to a report over the weekend, Arsenal are getting ready to accept a £43m bid for Alexis Sanchez from Juventus but this is a load of nonsense.

The report, which appeared in Metro by Mark Brus is beyond unreliable.

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But that won’t stop it being picked up and spread around.

The headline states “Arsenal ready to accept £43million Alexis Sanchez transfer” however it is based on a report (not linked in Metro article) from Italy that says nothing of the sort.

In fact, the Italian piece is guesswork (at best) yet Metro have presented it as fact. The Italians even mention that a move for Alvaro Moratta has thrown doubt over Juve and Inter’s interest in Alexis. This does not make it into the Metro piece.

Digging deeper, the price mentioned in Metro seems to have been plucked out of thin air. One quick Google search for ‘Alexis £43m’ brings up one result – the piece in the Metro.

Arsene Wenger has previously said that even if Alexis does not sign a new deal he will hold him to the duration of his contract, risking losing him on a free next year.

Arsenal are not ready to accept any offer for Alexis. They have no need to sell.

Just more fake news from the paper that’s owned by the same people who own the Daily Mail.

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