Coming off of a brilliant performance against Crystal Palace, the Arsenal players managed to play like zombies for most of the game; why is this happening?

If the team was a human being, it would clearly suffer from cyclothymia. Those mood swings from the high performance against Palace to the terrible display for about 70 minutes out of 90 against Bournemouth are simply not acceptable for a team that is supposedly fighting for the title.

What’s wrong with Arsenal’s mentality? The players certainly need to be asked some serious questions because, it is really not right at all to have such variations in performance in just two days.

You really wonder what goes through the players’ brain. I mean they did not compete, play as team, or connect together for 45 minutes. Then they come back, have a good 15 minutes, concede again, collapse even more and then end up having a storming 20 minutes.

Arsene Wenger likes to use the word ‘consistency’, but we do not get it at all from this Arsenal team. You would expect a good minimum performance level at every game and then some variations around this, but not those kind of trigonometric functions graph that’s actually amplified and look even more distorted as they should be.

So the players should sort it out and if needed see a psychologist, so that they can perform well and consistently otherwise, the odds of seeing Arsenal win the League will never be great.