Eddie Howe basically passed his job interview as Wenger’s successor after dropping 3-0 lead at home.

It was supposed to be an easy job for the Gunners at Bournemouth who scored only one goal against us in four matches, but let’s not forget: we are Arsenal.

Awful first half, a few injuries, good start of the second, cold shower, then a red card, and a brave comeback. Proper entertainment for neutrals and shambles of a match for both us and Bournemouth fans.

Most of Arsenal players under-performed tonight, some more than others, but some, like the man from the title, managed to redeem themselves by the end of the match.

Petr Čech – 5.5

Really bad tonight, I have to be realistic. I had a feeling he would be bad as soon as the match started, and he was, sadly. Bad reactions for both goals and let’s not even start on his penalty saving stats. A good clearance in the first half and a save in second half, but really didn’t make us feel safe as he is supposed to do.

Nacho Monreal – 6

Probably the best out of our defense tonight, also good going forward and trying to cross and create chances, although he was a tad too slow sometimes. Keeping up good form.

Shkodran Mustafi – 5.5

Not a very good performance from the healed defender, which shouldn’t be a surprise after being out for a while, but let’s be honest, he had to do better. He looked lost more than once and all over the place, especially in the first half.

Laurent Koscielny – 6.5

Our captain was good, as always, and couldn’t do much for either of the goals. He was sadly subbed off due to injury. I really hope it’s nothing serious, we’d be lost without him.

Hector Bellerin – 5

Worst performance for the young Spaniard at Arsenal? I have a bad memory but saw a few people are saying that. Nothing was going his way tonight. Looked slow, guilty for their first goal, lost a lot of balls, got carded. He was unlucky a bit for their third goal as it should have been a foul but seriously a bad and forgettable night for Hector. Maybe it’s the hair.

Francis Coquelin – 5

Had to be subbed off in first half due to hamstring injury, but didn’t do much before that either, like all of his companions on the pitch.

Granit Xhaka – 5.5

I can already see people going on about Xhaka’s discipline problems but I think it was a really soft penalty – there was contact, the Bournemouth player felt it and used it to fall down hard. Xhaka should have known better. After that, and other than that, pretty average with very poor corner kicks today, but he assisted Giroud for the equalizer.

Alex Iwobi – 6

After a good performance at no. 10 two days ago, Iwobi was forced to play on the right and you could have seen it wasn’t a good fit for him. He didn’t look good, although he had a chance to score. Wish he was brave enough to shoot at one or two occasions.

Aaron Ramsey – 5.5

Aaron was blessed with a start at his preferred no.10 position and he didn’t use it. Lots of passes, but all sideways and meaningless. He didn’t help Bellerin during Bournemouth’s first goal at all. He was better in second half, he got Francis sent off and was close to scoring. Many will be frustrated with his performance yet again, but I’m not sure Arsene is one of them.

Alexis Sanchez – 7

There were people thinking Alexis might be rested tonight – good one. He was, again, running the most, creating the most and trying the most. He was frustrated during the first half, and even in the end. Again, I wish he passed sooner sometimes. Great goal for him, but it didn’t look like his spirit was lifted with it.

Olivier Giroud – 8

Unlikely MOTM for me because he didn’t do anything in the first half but this was not entirely his fault. He basically saved us a point single-handed when you look at goals and assists: two assists and a bullet header. We’ll forget about that silly celebration for a while and thank him for this. Now if only he would be faster sometimes.

Alex Oxlade-Chamberlain – 6.5

Ox came on in the first half for the injured Coquelin and he did well, even saved Bellerin’s arse on one occasion in defense. He was working hard and was an important part of our first goal.

Lucas Perez – 7

I love this man, really. What a goal! Since he came on (again, why not start him?), he was a constant threat and worked very well with Sanchez and Giroud. And that volley was just beautiful. Great signing – just play him more often!

Gabriel – 6

Gabriel came on for Koscielny in what I thought was an odd decision until I saw Kos was injured. He did well, no stupid mistakes, and we didn’t concede since he came on so that’s good.