Laurent Koscielny recently sang Arsene Wenger’s praises, claiming that the manager has helped Arsenal grow.

The centreback, who recently signed a new contract with Arsenal until 2020, pointed out how although the Gunners haven’t won the league since 2004, the boss has done so much more in helping ease the move to a new stadium, as well as building a strong squad.

“He’s passionate about football,” Koscielny told Arsenal’s website. “He loves football and he loves to watch his team play well with the ball. That’s why he’s here again after 20 years.

“Along with a lot of people, he’s helped this club grow with a new stadium, a new training ground, and he built the platform for us to compete for the Premier League and Champions League every year.”

It’s true, Wenger has done a huge amount for Arsenal and for that I’ll always be grateful. However, that doesn’t necessarily mean that change after 20 years is a bad thing.

Saying this, I can’t help but feel that the amount of attention towards Wenger and his future at Arsenal is gearing up for something. Olivier Giroud, Mesut Ozil and Shkodran Mustafi have all recently said that they want the boss to stay and media outlets have started pushing the Max Allegri rumour again.

Could we be about to find out about Wenger’s future one way or another?

Who knows. What matters right now is that whether he stays or goes, he obviously has players around him who love and respect him deeply.