Olivier Giroud has added his voice to the Arsene Wenger debate, stating that ‘everybody wants’ Wengr to sign a new deal.

Mesut Ozil and Shkodran Mustafi have both stated that they want the manager to remain at the club beyond the end of his current deal which expires in the summer.

“We hope that the boss will sign a new contract…Because we all want to keep going with this squad,” Giroud said at a recent PUMA event.

“It [would] be nice news for the team and the club. From my side, obviously, it’s a good thing because I feel very good at Arsenal.

“I really want to carry on to win the league, and to always improve myself.”

If I had to guess one way of the other I would expect Wenger to sign a new deal. Nothing indicates he’s ready to walk away and the club certainly aren’t going to get rid of him.

I just wish they’d make the announcement sooner rather than later so we can all just get on with things.