Arsene Wenger does not believe that Mesut Ozil’s future at Arsenal is tied to his, despite the German saying it was recently.

Speaking to the press at his pre-Swansea press conference, Wenger was asked about Ozil’s comments.

This was his reply: “I think [the interview] has been a bit misinterpreted,” Wenger said.

“He would like to know what happens on the managerial front of course, but I don’t think that is the main part of his decision.

“It is part of it, but it’s not the only thing. There are many other ingredients in any negotiation and hopefully we will find a conclusion very quickly with him.”

Ozil has never made any secret of the fact Wenger was a massive part of why he opted to join Arsenal and while it is easy to blame mistranslation, Ozil also spoke about the freedom Wenger gives him that is so important to the German.

While Wenger leaving does not make it inevitable that Ozil will also leave, it certainly does not help the matter. That is just a statement of fact about the situation we are in, whether you want Wenger to stay or go.

All that being said, Wenger said he is hopefully of a new deal being done ‘quickly’ and that will be an awesome day indeed.

“We do not master that situation alone,” Wenger added. “Let’s not forget that all these players have 18 months to go that’s a very long time in football. I’m very relaxed about the situation.”

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