Hold the press: for once, I agree with something Graeme Souness said.

On Sky Sports, after Arsenal’s worrying 2-1 defeat against Manchester City on Sunday, the former Liverpool man questioned the Gunners’ mentality, insisting that it’s not a matter of fitness but something in the mind that caused them to ‘roll over’.

“It can’t be because they’re not fit enough, it must be a state of mind, when a certain type of challenge comes along, ‘It’s not for us chaps’, and they get rolled over,” he said.

“It’s not just about throwing yourself into challenges. It’s the way you close the ball down, how you sprint onto the ball, it shows its way in many different forms.

“To be successful in our football you have to have an element of that, the true aggression.

“For the first half-an-hour Arsenal were the better side. But it must be a concern for Wenger and Arsenal fans that it was a mirror image from the Everton loss.

“They were bossing it, they were in their arm chair, playing well, and then blow up.”

Whether I’m still just bitter about not just the result but manner in which we lost, I don’t know, but I actually agree with this.

Although Arsenal had three games in an eight-day period, at this stage in the season, they should still be fit enough to at least look as if they want to win one of the biggest games we’ve played so far.

During the first half, we scored early and were the better team but, in the second, our tempo and even body language changed beyond recognition and City only got stronger.

It was similar to the Everton loss, if not worse. And I am concerned.