As the goalkeeper, Petr Cech had a very different view of Arsenal’s 2-1 loss away to Manchester City; so much so that he believes we actually controlled the second half as well as the first.

Arsenal started out the stronger team on Sunday, cutting through City like butter and going 1-0 ahead in the fourth minute through Theo Walcott. However, the second half was another story and we were dominated in every sense of the word.

Speaking after the match, Cech said that he believed Arsenal actually controlled the second half.

“I thought we were pretty much in control of the game, even in the second half, when they had more possession,” he said.

“We couldn’t hold onto it and the second goal changed everything, because then they could defend well and wait for the counter-attacks, which were very dangerous.”

I like Cech’s faith in the team but Arsenal weren’t at the races well before City’s second goal. From the moment the home side stepped out after the break, we were on the back foot. They were running rings around us. In fact, I would say that the 2-1 scoreline actually flattered us.

Arsenal now don’t play until Boxing Day. Let’s hope something changes.