Alexis Sanchez continues to be linked with Arsenal’s London rivals, Chelsea.

The Blues aren’t just Arsenal’s rivals in terms of location and league position, they’re our bitter rivals. There’s a certain animosity between the two clubs, which, admittedly, was slightly worse when Jose Mourinho was in charge but hasn’t completely disappeared.

Therefore, the idea that Alexis Sanchez, our star player, could end up there in a ‘shock’ move, as the media are calling it, is unthinkable.

Chelsea how now at 4/1 to sign the Chilean, and he’s at 2/1 to leave the Gunners.

However, I’m willing to stick my neck on the line here and claim that Alexis won’t go to Chelsea. He just won’t.

Firstly, the forward has 18 months left on his existing contract and Arsenal ARE trying to extend this. There are all sorts of rumours regarding wages doing the rounds but what’s important is that we’re trying to come to a conclusion.

There’s plenty of time for him to sign a new contract with Arsenal and stay.

Secondly, the days where Arsenal have to sell their best players to rivals in order to make ends meet are over. We don’t need the money, no matter how much Chelsea are willing to throw at us.OK

It’s a matter of principle.

I don’t see Wenger selling our best player to direct rivals.