Alexis Sanchez hasn’t been called up for Chile for the China Cup in January.

We were a little anxious back in November when it was announced that Alexis’ home country, Chile, was to be included in a random new tournament in the winter: the China Cup.

This will be the first China Cup, with the host nation, Croatia and Iceland also asked to take part in what is clearly just another way to bring money and attention to the sport in their area of the globe.

Fortunately, as we pointed out could happen, since the tournament is not FIFA listed, club coaches are under no obligation to allow their players to travel across the world to take part and it seems that Chile manager, Juan Antonio Pizzi, has chosen not to force the issue.

Instead, taking more of a B-team.

I doubt Pizzi was ever going to take Alexis in the middle of the season for some tournament. Although he’s not shied away from playing the forward when he perhaps shouldn’t have before, I don’t think he’s that reckless.